For our clients convenience we do our best to minimalize transportation time and costs through improvement of the transportation service parameters. We are eager to help with air, land and sea shipment preparation as well as logistics consulting. Our assistance includes analysis of the shipping parameters such as type of rolling stock, means of transportation and contracting third party logistics and transportation companies. We compare offers of various transportation companies in order to recommend the best transport and logistics solutions to our clients.


Materials management is one of the most important issues especially when it comes to larger projects with long-term supplies. We offer our assistance in case of unforeseen need of resupply by additional storage space and warehouse logistics. We are aware of the fact that materials management can represent a challenge and that is why we offer a comprehensive solutions for your materials.

Transportation and projects cost optimisation

Transportation and projects cost optimisation involves checking various ways of cost reduction in order to find an optimal solution for your company. Cost optimisation is done by logistics costs, transportation service parameters and project analysis as well as evaluation of their importance to the market strategy of the purchaser’s company. Thanks to above we are always able to find the best solutions.