Technical Department

Technical Consulting


Mazur Energy’s Technical Department is responsible for supervision of technological processes and quality of the final products.

A significant aspect of Mazur Energy’s offer is the possibility of choosing alternative suppliers/contractors (domestic or foreign) regarding their technical abilities on each stage of every project execution.

We are eager to resolve any difficulties that could occur during design, manufacture or assembly processes on the site.


We cooperate with internationally renowned design offices that proved themselves as Main Designers. A great advantage of our company is cooperation with design office that enables selection of materials and pipe lengths in order to minimalize number of weldments during prefabrication and assembly. This allows us to reduce the time and costs of the entire project execution.

Projects management

Engineering, finance and sales specialists are indispensable for the successful project management. Mazur Energy offers a comprehensive project management from overall concept to preliminary and executive design. What is more, we take care of inspection and control over technological processes as per contracts/agreements in order to assure their realisation within the agreed time, cost reduction and quality of the final product.


Specialised production processes demand sophisticated equipment that cannot be obtained from one source only. Thanks to our carefully selected suppliers and our own equipment we are able to offer a full scope of the technological processes:

  • welding
  • rolling
  • milling
  • grinding
  • polishing
  • threading
  • cutting (saw, laser, water and plasma)
  • bending (cold/hot)
  • expanding (cold/hot)

Prefabrication of assembly-ready piping elements (spools)

A specialised engineer staff takes full responsibility for prefabrication of assembly-ready piping elements (spools).

We specialise in prefabrication of high-pressure systems for power plants and thermal-electric power stations (e.g. live steam, re-superheated steam, secondary reheat steam and feed water pipelines).

We deliver all kinds of materials essential for manufacturing high, medium and low-pressure elements (such as pipes, fittings and valves).

We also offer bends prepared on induction-heated bender that are commonly used in the high-pressure pipelines. Each process of prefabrication, production and assembly is prepared and supervised by the Quality Control Department of Mazur Energy and, if necessary, by the Notified Bodies. Prior to commencement of production we develop an “Inspection and Test Plan” (ITP) in accordance with required standards and customer’s technical specification. Additionally, Mazur Energy performs non-mandatory hardness tests of weldments after heat treatment followed by final acceptance of UDT or other bodies indicated by the purchaser.

Technical Consultation on preparing delivery, production and assembly contracts

We perform technical consultations on preparing delivery, production and assembly contracts/agreements in order to provide a constant control/inspection over fulfilling the requirements listed in the “Delivery Technical Conditions” and “Construction and Commissioning Requirements”. For our future partners we may also prepare contracts/agreements regarding quality requirements recommended by Mazur Energy.

Supervision and control of technological processes as per orders/contracts

We guarantee inspection and control over technological processes as per contracts/agreements in order to assure their realisation within the agreed time, cost reduction and quality of the final product. Each activity during the order realisation demands not only a proper quality control but also delivery, production and assembly timeliness. Through control Mazur Energy Company supervises and motivates its fabricators, suppliers and contractor to follow the time schedule of works and deliveries.