Quality Control Department



Our team of specialists has great experience in quality assurance, production planning and supervision over manufacturing process. In case of any difficulties during the design, production or assembly processes we offer our assistance in: quality control, supervision and acceptance during the entire production process, including final acceptance and quality reports.

SFM Examination

What is a Scanning-Force Microscopy?

Atomic-force microscope (or scanning-force microscope) is an examination device for determining surface topography using mechanical probe staying in contact with the surface. Tip of the probe is being pushed or pulled by the interatomic forces. Such microscope can be used on site, allowing an instantaneous evaluation of technical condition of the piping material.


In association with our business partner ETD Consulting we offer material examination using SFM to determine:

  • degradation rate of piping materials operating in the creep range
  • remaining life of materials

Advantages of SFM

  • surface preparation for examination is the same as for traditional replicas
  • contrary to the optical and electron microscopy, scans obtained from SFM are three-dimensional and provide detailed data concerning surface roughness and depth of defects
  • SFM is capable of measuring depth and volume of defects
  • SFM is a portable device enabling its use during production process and assembly on site
  • images obtained during examination have higher resolutions than images taken with electron microscope
  • SFM is extremely useful in evaluation of elements made of high-tech martensitic steels such as X10CrMoVNb9-1 and X10CrWMoVNb9-2.

Audits and certification of products and mills

A common issue in searching new producers or suppliers is proper evaluation of their overall quality level. Selection based only on the supplier’s certificates (e.g. ISO) may be insufficient. That is why before commencement of production we check a technological capability of our potential suppliers.

Mazur Energy has experience in auditing its suppliers. Using our detailed checklist we evaluate technical and organisational level of every individual supplier. On purchaser’s demand we may conduct audits in cooperation with your Quality Control Department representatives. After completion of audit you shall receive a detailed written report supplied with photographical evidence and our final recommendations concerning an audited supplier.

A complete audit checks:

  • references
  • company’s production capabilities
  • technological processes used in production
  • marking of products
  • equipment and machinery used in production
  • quality of product
  • staff’s qualifications
  • company’s laboratory
  • technological capabilities
  • semi-finished products’ suppliers
  • in-process/final control

Production processes of mills are audited by Notified Bodies according to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/WE and WUDT/UC/2003.

Welding Supervision

A proper welding supervision is crucial for the correct welding process. Welding is a commonly used process of joining materials.

Products such as pressure vessels, boiler elements and pipelines are usually welded to the highest quality standards.

Mazur Energy employees are qualified according to current standards.

We offer the following supervision services over production, modernisation and repair of piping elements and vessels:

  • non-destructive examination of weldments
  • technical consulting on welding
  • preparation of Welding Procedure Specifications
  • welding supervisions/inspections
  • preparation of welding reports (WPS, Inspection and Test Plans, welding plans, Quality Assurance Plans, quality procedures, technical specifications, weld summary lists, etc.)
  • preparation of Welding Procedure Qualification Records
  • visual VT2 and liquid-penetrant PT2 examinations of weldments
  • constant supervision over welding processes performed by Welding Coordinator in accordance with PN-EN ISO 14731
  • side-tests of welders, qualification of welders
  • IS, UDT, SLV and TÜV audit preparation

Quality control of production

Since each project requires an individual quality control approach, Mazur Energy provides custom inspection and acceptance plans, with respect to the regulations of standards, directives and additional requirements of customers as well as additional non-mandatory testing conducted by our company.

Our qualified engineering personnel performs in-process and final inspections for purpose of preparing quality documentation.

Mazur Energy supervises following processes:

  • welding
  • delivery
  • manufacturing
  • assembly

Quality inspections and documentation checks

Each quality inspection includes list of quality controls of product according to customer’s/order requirements. Quality control of any technological process is notified in the Quality Control Protocol by the Authorised Inspector.

Evaluation of project is based on:

  • fulfilment of the requirements according to specifications and quality plans
  • verification of materials and production processes in accordance with project documentation
  • quality control of production

We exercise quality control over:

  • form, compatibility and identification of products on every stage of manufacturing process according to current standards and quality control requirements
  • works conducted on site, especially works related to special processes, such as welding, bending, heat treatment and machining
  • documentation completion process, control of received documents and preparation of documents for Notified Bodies
  • timeliness of conducted works, repair and modernisation schedules

Final quality inspections with Notified Bodies

We conduct final quality inspection along with Notified Bodies in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/WE and WUDT/UC/2003.