We offer:

  • die and flat die forgings
  • circular, square and rectangular cross sectioned forged bars manufactured in accordance with PN-EN 10222-2
  • other forgings produced to purchaser’s specification

We manufacture forgings for the energy sector, engineering industry and armaments.

We cooperate with European and Asian steel mills – you can choose where you wish to set

production of forgings for individual orders.

Production Profile

  1. Based on the Special Material Institute’s data and many years of experience in smelting and deep processing area to draw from, we offer the most sophisticated and smart-made special steel product to our customers
  2. Capable of making high cleanliness steel: [H] ≤ 2.0ppm, [O] ≤ 20ppm, [N] ≤ 70ppm, [S] ≤ 0.005%, [P] ≤ 0.008%, oxygen, sulphide inclusions level ≤1.5
  3. Capable of making high toughness steel with mechanical properties as Rp0.2 ≥ 1280Mpa, Z ≥ 40%, Kv ≥ 20J (-40 C֯)
  4. Company has full in-house capability from the special steel smelting up to mechanical processing and acceptance test, as well as the state of art technology to meet the special needs of the clients
  5. Company has the world’s largest 360MN vertical extrusion machine for shaping process of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloy steel, nonferrous metal materials
  6. Protection of the environment is an important commitment for the company. All the works are certified according to ISO 14001

Key Markets

Defense industry, Thermo-power, Wind farms, Nuclear power, Petrochemical,

Vessel engineering, Machine building, Aerospace and other.

Smelting Capabilities of Special Steel

Reliability – we produce high quality alloy steel nationwide. The ingots range in size from 2 to 48 tons.

We are able to set an individual and quick manufacturing procedure of materials such as forgings, extrudates, tool steel rings

and rollers from available starting stock.

The state of art we achieved in the smelting area combined with the know-how we collected over the last half-century makes

our steel known for its exceptional cleanliness and tight chemical composition ranges. Moreover, the repeatability of given

grades we obtain for specific alloys allow our customers to achieve consistent heat-treated mechanical property results.

Meetings organized for clarification of more advanced customer specification are our standard procedure for special orders

in the Special Steel Sector.

Routing Material List

  • Super grade carbon steel: 25# ~~ 85#, T7, T8
  • Alloy structural steel: 35CrMo, 35CrMoV, 40CRMnMo, 40CrNiMoA, 35CrMoSi
  • Steel four tool, die and roller: 45Cr2NiMoVSi, 4Cr2NiMoVSi, 5CR2NiMoVSi, B2(4Cr2MoVNi), 5CrNiMo, 5CrNiMoV, H13 (4Cr5MoSiV1), 5CrMnMo, P4410, P20, 4Cr13V, 56CrNiMoV7, 9Cr2Mo, 9Cr3Mo, 70Cr3Mo, 70Cr3NiMo, 86CrMoV7, MC3A, MC5, NAK80
  • High pressure vessel steel: AISI433M4, 708, 34CrNi3MoV, X10CrMoVNb9-1, X10CrWMoVNb9-2, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG,P12, F12, P22
  • Gear steel: 20 CrNi2Mo, 20 CrNi4Mo, 17CrNiMo6, 20CrMnMo
  • Crank shaft blank: S44SY, 42CrMo, CK45V, D-SFCM780, D-SFCM860, 40CrNiMoA
  • Stainlees steel: 316L, 1Mn18Cr18N, 1Cr13, Cr13, 4Cr13, 304H, 07Cr19Ni10
  • High toughness steel: PCrNi3MoV, PCrNi3Mo, PCrMo1Mo
  • Material delivery for client’s special requirements


We look forward to working with you!