Management System Policy


Mission and philosophy of Mazur Energy Company is to achieve perfection of our services in order to satisfy our customers. We place a special emphasis on the highest quality of our service and products as well as safety, legal and ethical concerns. All of our user friendly practices are gathered in our management standards.


We look towards the future in order to observe and foresee new development trends in power and other industries as well as future needs of Investors regarding new technologies, materials, material testing methods and final products.


We are unique thanks to our reliability, analytical abilities and effectiveness. Because of those virtues our professional approach and knowledge can be seen in our every action and decision. Mutual aid and support combined with sense of shared responsibility for every decision made is a result of working for a family company. Due to above we may be perceived as a company that treasures particular values.


In order to improve our competitiveness and energy sector support Mazur Energy Company has adopted an ambitious development strategy on the domestic, European, Asian and American markets. Our goal is to participate in the international flow of information and to improve the technological abilities. Mazur Energy is aware of the fact that knowledge and innovations are key factors in the development of world economy.


The assurance of quality is fundamental for all work undertaken by the company. Selection of our suppliers is based not only on the certificates they hold but also on our thorough quality control. All of our suppliers are strictly supervised during the entire production process by our experienced staff. In order to satisfy the requirements of our quality policy we cooperate with renowned scientists, engineers and specialists as well as research facilities and notified bodies, such as UDT and TÜV.

Mazur Energy and the society

Our responsibility and decision making are focused not only on business endeavours. We do our best to be in line with society’s needs to respect labour standards and employees’ rights. These are one of the most important parts of our business strategy.

Mazur Energy and the environment

We are aware of the fact that nowadays companies have negative impact on the environment. Keeping that in mind, we created an environmental management programme that allows us to successfully implement our internal environmental policy.

Mazur Energy and its employees

We provide safe and healthy work environment. In order to make the best use of our worker’s knowledge and experience, we provided them optimal working conditions. In order to improve our workers qualifications, our company has established an extensive system of training.

Statement of compliance:

We conduct reasonable business activities through:

  • obeying the rules of free and fair competition between companies gathered in the Anti-trust Law, laws concerning keeping to the terms of payment and overall constructions acts.
  • delivering products and services which are not only safe but also in accordance with any quality standards
  • respecting the law and social standards concerning gifts and contacts with public officers and suppliers
  • transparent accounting in accordance with accounting standards, laws and internal regulations
  • respecting local laws concerning foreign activities