Behind Mazur Energy Sp. z o.o. stand 30 years of professional experience of its CEO Henryk Mazur, who has been carrying out energy projects on various foreign markets:

  • Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia)
  • Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, India, Malesia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan)
  • Middle East (United Arab Emirates and Syria)
  • Australia

Over the years Henryk Mazur has successfully cooperated with numerous international companies, hence he became an expert in the power sector.

1985 – 1991
HMCT Pty Limited – Australia Pressure Parts Production Coordinator

1992 – 1998
Rafako Division in South Korea – General Sales and Service Manager

1998 – 2002
Hanjung – Doosan (Korea) – General Manager HRSG BU

2002 – 2006
Hanjung – Doosan (Korea) – General Manager, Desalination Global Sourcing Task Force Team

2007 – 2009
Siemens Korea – Quality & Schedule Control, Steam Generators Manufacturing (Dier Ali CCP Project)

2010 – 2012
Austrian Energy & Environment AG & Co KG – QA/QC Manager, Quality & Schedule Control Pressure Pipes and Spool Piping:

  • Turceni Project Romania
  • Bandirma Project Turkey

During his work with the professional, international teams, Henryk Mazur has gathered experience in:

  • consulting and sales management as well as supplying the power and industry sectors worldwide
  • acquiring and realisation of international contracts for the power plants equipment delivery
  • obtaining project permissions (taxing, legislation, reports)
  • quality control (QA/QC) for selection and evaluation of the suppliers
  • guaranteeing quality of service and quality control (QA/QC) during projects
  • supervising and consulting on logistics, distribution, sales and business development

Due to the accomplishments listed above, Henryk Mazur and his company Mazur Energy Sp. z o.o. are renowned among their clients as reliable business partners. Through cooperation between research and business communities our company has become innovative force that invests in development and cutting edge technologies. Business philosophy implemented by our company allows us to undertake the most ambitious projects that power, petrol, gas, and oil industries have to offer alongside with the scientific research.