About the Company

Mazur Energy Sp. z o.o. has years of experience in producing P91 and P92 materials. Mazur Energy organises production on leased production lines in the European and Asian still mills. Our company organises a comprehensive full-package pipe production for power, petroleum, oil and gas industries, commencing from development of technical specification in collaboration with purchaser’s engineers, through production planning, preparation of the ITP, control of the production process and quality inspection, pipe stamping and ending with the final inspection and issuing of 3.1 or 3.2 certificate along with the Mazur Energy trademark. Turn-key projects offered by Mazur Energy include: manufacturing of steel products, engineering activities, manufacturing, project management, logistics, and consulting on every matter (one step delivery).

Our main advantage is production and delivery of our own steel products, especially boiler pipes made of X10CrMoVNb9-1 and X10CrWMoVNb9-2 grades as well as other materials designed for high-temperature service.

Our company is unique due to superb quality control over manufactured products, rarely seen throughout our competitors, that includes numerous non-mandatory yet important additional tests (e.g. additional hardness testing, diameter and wall thickness checks performed every one meter along the whole length of pipe, personal supervision over each stage of production from heat control to final product, etc.). We specialise in manufacturing and delivery of seamless pipes in grades P11, P22, P91 and P92. We use steels of those and similar grades in production of elbows, Y-fittings, T-fittings, flanges and castings in any size.

Mazur Energy company, in association with Polimex – Mostostal, has delivered pipes, fittings, pressure and measurement piping components for Power Units 7-12 of the Bełchatów Power Plant.