International Conference Fabrication and Use of P91 Steel: International Industry & Plant Experience. Newcastle Australia. |  22.11.2017

From 11 to 12 October 2017, Mazur Energy President, Mr. Henryk Mazur participated in the Fabrication and Use of P91 Steel Conference, an international industry & plant experience held in Newcastle, Australia. The program included articles from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, China, USA, Japan, South Africa, and other countries.  It featured a number of interesting topics such as welding and repair of welds, heat treatment and incorrect microstructure found in power plants, inspection and remaining life assessment of metallurgical materials, codes, standards and new achievements, experience in cracks / breakdowns of components and how to avoid type IV cracks. Discussions were held on a number of industry initiatives that are currently being undertaken to address the problems of type IV cracks and the opportunity to participate in them.

The conference’s goal was to gather energy producers, metallurgical producers, operators, service providers and researchers on a single platform and draw conclusions from past experiences and research of power plant operation as well as opening the possibilities to participate in new programs.

The conference was preceded by a two-day P91 and P92 steel training course to thoroughly understand the issues related to its production / welding, heat treatment, quality assurance, control, and life assessment.

It was another informative and rich in new business contacts conference, where our company was represented by the President, Mr. Henryk Mazur.