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Mazur Energy Sp. z o.o. has years of experience in producing P91 and P92 materials. Mazur Energy organises production on leased production lines in the European and Asian still mills. We specialise in production and delivery of P11, P22, P91 and P92 seamless pipes, which we also use in manufacturing pipelines, elbows, Y-fittings, T-fittings, flanges and castings in any size and in different grades.

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Key advantages of Mazur Energy include:

  • Production and delivery of our own steel products, especially boiler pipes made of X10CrMoVNb9-1 and X10CrWMoVNb9-2 grades as well as other materials designed for high-temperature service
  • Design of the boiler parts, pipeline elements, Y-fittings and T-fittings
  • Prefabrication and assembly of boiler and industrial piping
  • Services:
    • technical consultations on preparing delivery, production and assembly contracts/agreements in order to provide a constant control/inspection over fulfilling the requirements listed in the “Delivery Technical Conditions” and “Construction and Commissioning Requirements”.
    • inspection and control over technological processes as per contracts/agreements in order to assure their realisation within the agreed time, cost reduction and quality of the final product
    • examination and testing followed by the final acceptance performed by the Notified Bodies. Additional creep tests of materials designed for the high-temperature service
    • free of charge preliminary examinations of pipelines in service using a portable SFM to determine their life assessment and evaluate the necessity of repairs, modernisation or further investments.

Order realisation process:

Manufacturing of steel products





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